For more than a half-century, prominent business, governmental and individual clients have relied on Rynkar, Vail & Barrett for its integrity, professionalism and trusted advice. During this period, our Manhattan and Mineola based firm has delivered a consistently high quality of services to a broad spectrum of clients throughout the New York Metropolitan Area.

Our firm’s overall business philosophy is simply to provide the highest level of professional services and advice in the concentrated areas of our expertise: tax, accounting, auditing and financial consulting.

As a truly professional firm in the traditional sense, we strive to have a relationship of mutual confidence and trust with each of our clients. Developing such relationships has enabled us to be instrumental in assisting several generations of clients with their vital business and personal decisions. We endeavor to continue this tradition.

Past, Present and Future

The world is constantly changing.  Amid these changes, our clients have found stability and comfort in knowing that Rynkar, Vail & Barrett is committed to remaining a traditional, professional accounting firm that values client commitment above all else.

Our firm has a long, successful history, dating back to 1947 when our first office opened in the Grand Central Building in Manhattan. Many of those original clients are still with our firm, and they have become an important part of our personal and professional lives. We have also enjoyed forming new relationships with clients in our community. The energy and enthusiasm of today’s business owner and entrepreneur is truly inspiring. It is gratifying to know that our firm plays an important part in our clients’ successful enterprises.

Looking toward the future, we are confident in our firm’s ability to meet the challenges and opportunities of our profession. We have developed a team of talented and knowledgeable individuals, and we have made a commitment to provide them with the education, skills, and tools needed to grow in today’s information and technology driven practice. But more importantly, we have maintained a high quality of service to our clients that will ensure our mutual success for years to come.

Business changes. Technology changes. One thing that will not change is Rynkar, Vail & Barrett’s commitment to our clients. Some things should never change.